• Matthew Morgan, Director

Why Your Website Needs a Great Homepage

Before the age of the world wide web all businesses were done physically. If you were to buy anything you had to find some nearby store that sold what you were looking for and physically go there. If you were a business owner, then you were required to have a physical store in order to deal with customers. Though this procedure is still in very much a part of retail, retail has fundamentally changed because of the “Internet”.

The Internet has provided the facility to create websites online for all our desired purposes. Everything happens now online, online web stores have moderately replaced the physical stores. Now when you want something you search for it online and go to the relevant website for all its information, just sitting at home. From banking to clothing everything happens online. Following are some of the example businesses that are running successfully online:

  1. Clothing shops

  2. Education

  3. Hotel &Travel Bookings

  4. Retail shopping

  5. Online Banking

  6. Movies & Entertainment

  7. Food portals

  8. Taxi Services

Many other businesses that you can think of are happening online now. And why not! The website provides you the facility to showcase your business in a much better way. A website gives out all the related information regarding your business to the end customers. Many people who do not have the budget to afford a location physically, they can simply create a good website for their business promotion and advertisement.

Today your website is your shopfront for your business that’s why it must look good and appealing. The first look of your website describes the seriousness of your business. People decide to look by just on your website if they want to do business with you or not. If your website is just a combination of random texts and pictures, people will not take it seriously. Like in the 1990s when the website businesses had just started, it was obvious that these kinds of websites are just some fraud. So selecting a good design for your front page of the website is very important to create a good 1st impression.

When it comes to creating a good impact on the visitor, your website needs a good functional and fantastic design front. It has to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Also, it has to have the quality of building trust between you and your end-user. Here we recommend using a clear and simple design for your website. Simple website designs are creative and are more trending nowadays. Today, people are living in a quick and hurry life, they do not have time for all that complicated jargon, a website full of images and no information will only waste their time. They might never consider doing business with you if you have such websites. Simple front designs of the websites are helpful in so many ways like:

  1. Simple front designs are timeless; if you have a simpler design you do not have to worry about getting outdated.

  2. Simple front designs are easy to read and are more user-friendly. People do not read every word on your website, so instead of complicating it, express what’s important and put the reader’s focus more on the content.

  3. Simpler designs are easier for search engines like Google to read and rank.

  4. The simple front design is easier to fix and manage.

  5. Simple website designs create more trust between you and end-users.

  6. Simple website designs are less expensive when it comes to hosting on servers.

  7. Simpler designs are easier to maintain platform compatibility.

  8. And most importantly a simple, creative website front creates a good 1st impression. It shows professionalism and people remember your website.

Your website also needs to be mobile-friendly. Smartphones are everywhere now, people search for the desired websites on mobiles way more than websites. So a good website design needs to be accessible from mobile as well. So try to have a clean simple look for your website front to achieve more success in your business.

Apart from that, you need to have a good design team and content writers to sell your website. “Content is the king”, as they say, it is very important what you write on your website. Once you establish focus through your amazing website design, the next thing is to get their attention with your written content. So here you need to add all the relevant information about your business without complicating it. You need to focus on one type of information on one page. For example, your website needs to have the following things on the homepage:

  1. Clear branding of your business name and logos.

  2. A precise description of your business, what do you sell, etc.

  3. High quality, reliable content with facts.

  4. Clear and understandable navigation to relevant pages

  5. Social media connecting links

  6. Authentic license information

  7. Payment methods

  8. Genuine customer feedback

  9. Proper Contact information, email addresses, phone numbers, and physical store address.

Building trust is a very important factor when you are dealing with customers through the website. And official social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are very helpful in creating trust. If you provide links to your businesses’ social media accounts, people can visit these themselves and look at the videos, pictures and real customers' feedbacks for a better vision. Also providing valid contact information is very important because people may want to visit you personally or may call you for some detailed information.

So a good website design and layout really help out in getting more attention from the visitors and ultimately grows your business. If you are planning to start a business online or want to create the website of your already established business, contact us for consultation. Our team of expert designers and brilliant content writers will definitely help in achieving a functional and amazing website. That can help you with getting more customers and flourish in sales.

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