• Matthew Morgan, Director

Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

Instagram quickly became a social media network of choice for many people. Since people spend a lot of time on the app, it influences their purchase decisions. Numerous brands use this to their advantage and use Instagram content to create more revenue.

This platform is a great place for businesses to engage with their potential or loyal customers. Digital marketing has brought more success to businesses in recent years than traditional marketing and Instagram is the right place for it. Brand recognition is crucial for a successful business, which is why it is important to have means to constantly be in touch with your target group.

There are multiple ways you can use this platform for the benefit of your brand.

Connecting To Your Consumers

Younger generations use Instagram daily and are likely to purchase a product or service recommended by an influencer they follow. There are various creators on Instagram who are willing to do promotions. They have different audiences and you can choose an influencer that will cater to your target group. They already have a following of people who look up to them and trust their opinions and can make your product more appealing.

Using Instagram's Shopping Tool

Instagram used to be a place where people could find brands they like, but they introduced a feature that elevated the experience of users. Shopping tool allows for better experience on the platform and easier information on available items.

Brands should consider using this tool as it allows their consumers to have an easier shopping experience with all information and prices in one place. It allows users to click on stories or posts of a brand and instantly get information on an item like its size and price. This feature also provides a link to the website where said item can be purchased.

Shopping tool allows brands to engage their customers and sell their products creatively. They can use appealing photos of their products being used in action and use the tool to attract customers. It pushes brands to stay creative with their content and allows customers to get to the product quickly and easily.

Shopping tool also helps brands to find new customers, as the pictures from the website appear in the explore feed, thanks to this feature.

This tool is a great way for brands to interact with customers and grow their business as Instagram users have largely accepted this feature as a way to find and shop from businesses.

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