• Matthew Morgan, Director

How Instagram became the medium for Digital Marketing in the fashion world

The fashion industry has had many shifts in its approach through the ages. In recent years it has adopted digital technology and modern marketing as a way to grow their business and reach younger audiences. Fashion companies have used the popularity of social media to their advantage and Instagram quickly became the most essential platform to reach customers.

Purchases are often linked with the sense of belonging to a group. This is where Instagram steps in as a great tool for the fashion industry. It allows companies to provide their supporters with a sense of belonging and it has been a successful strategy to reach Millennials in 2017.

Visual representation is very important as well. Brands are able to represent their products in the best light using this platform. Additionally, the use of influencers and creators on the platform can further increase the revenue, as people tend to imitate stars and influential people.

Newer generations want to get things instantly and this applies to purchases as well. Instagram has recently made this possible with a new "shop" feature that allows users to directly go to the page where they can buy the product shown in a photo on Instagram.

Instagram stories and live are a great medium for brands to show their target group what goes behind the scenes and to get them more involved with the culture of the company.

Chanel is an example of a company that has adapted and started effectively using Instagram for marketing purposes. They reach younger generations trough their feed, stories, and brand ambassadors. Carefully curated content speaks volumes on their culture and products their offer, which attracts more customers.

Instagram offers brands freedom when it comes to the approach they use for their marketing strategies. Therefore, some brands choose to highlight their products, while others focus on the experience and immersion in certain brand image.

Instagram isn't reserved only for high-end brands. Numerous fast fashion and sportswear brands have gained a significant following over the years. It is also a great place for brands that are just starting out. If done right, Instagram can create notable engagement for the brand.

Since there doesn't have to be any distribution network involved, Instagram can allow companies to do business with their clients without having to go through distribution networks. This allows them to have complete control over the process.

Online shopping is crucial for successful businesses and digital marketing is a sufficient way to generate more revenue. In order to achieve success on Instagram, companies should employ good content planning.

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