• Anne Heaney, Director

Discounting Set for an All time High This Christmas

There are fewer than 50 days left until Christmas - 47 to be exact - and retailers are set for the industry’s busiest period of the year. The six weeks leading into Christmas delivers up to 60% of the year’s profit and getting it wrong impacts the financial result for the entire year.

In this incredibly competitive period the stakes are high. Over the last few years, the levels of pre-Christmas discounting on the high street have reached unprecedented levels.

The Buying Intelligence Promotions dashboard tracks your competitors every day over this period and notifies you of the new promotions and discounting as they are launched.

You can also access a complete view of how your competitor's tackled this period last year by also seeing which of your competitor's newsletters were sent and when AND soon you'll also be able to see a record of their Instagram feeds. This will allow you to understand how they marketed, what products were promoted and how they performed and what discounts were applied and when.

We can provide you access to the Buying Intelligence Promotions dashboard which will monitor your market to help you maximise your results. Contact us and we can have you set up straight away.

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